October 23, 2018

[Profiles] Beatrice Warde

As part of the subject Graphic Design and Visual Communication—which I am currently enrolled in—I had to create an article about a designer, typographer, artist, movement, a particular design style, art piece… basically, anything related to graphic design.
Article image. Profiles: Beatrice Warde.]

October 17, 2018

[Surviving Sweden] How to remove your personal data from eniro.se, hitta.se and ratsit.se

Are you a Swedish national? Do you have a Swedish personal number (personnummer)? If so, chances are that a lot of your personal information is being displayed on websites such as eniro.se, hitta.se, ratsit.se, and, for certain, on many other sites that I am not aware they even exist. I would recommend you to bookmark this page for future reference, as I will be expanding it as long as I find ways to get my personal information from those up-to-today-unknown-to-me sites.
[Poster: GDPR Privacy Invasion]


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August 20, 2018

[Surviving Sweden] New Series Coming Up!

Hey, what's up world?

As any other person, my decision-taking procedure involves weighting all the available information and data about the matter in question. But, sometimes, it is a bit more difficult to find this information when people in your surrounding social circle are as unaware as you; best case scenario they have bits and pieces of information or "have heard about it" but they are clueless.

July 25, 2018

Recension Batteriexpertens

Min bärbärsdators batteri var död och tänkte köpa ett nytt. Jag började googla och hittade några intressanta kundskommentarer av Batteriexpertens.

July 24, 2018

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Sometimes I forget I am subscribed to so many services, for instance, I don't know since when I have my bloglovin' and I've never put it anywhere. Oh well.

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October 03, 2016

Typical street in the old city

As mentioned, Gamla Stan is the island on which the Royal Palace is located, the soul of the city one may say. Land was scarce around the Castle and other governmental, religious and military buildings thus the buildings tend to be very closed together having as a result this particular narrow streets.

October 02, 2016

Sunset in the woods

At Nockeby station, the west end terminal of the Nockebybanan tramway, there's barely any construction surrounding it. This sunset was taken a few meters "out" of the station, literally, the woods.

October 01, 2016

Royal Guard at the gate

You can find Royal Guards at every single entrance to the Royal Palace. They regularly wear the same uniform but if the guards in charge belong to another specific branch of the Armed Forced they will most likely wear the uniform that belongs to that particular branch.

You can also enjoy the Change of the Guard, which takes place everyday around noon. There's always a schedule with updated date and times close to the area where the event takes place. The best change of Guard, in my experience, is when the Cavalry is part of it (just my humble opinion :D )

September 30, 2016


While walking from Stockholm's Södra Station to Medborgarplatsen, or vice versa, you will unequivocally arrive to Fatbursparken. It is a simple park but what makes it a nice place for just a relaxing walk or even a picnic is the crescent-shaped building designed by Ricardo Bofill, and known as the «Bofills båge», depicted below. The building will be on your right —if you are going towards Medborgarplatsen— or left —going towards Södra Station—. In the image you can also appreciate the «Afrodites brunn» fountain by Roland Haeberlein, sadly, off duty.