September 02, 2016

Being «Transparent» in dark ages

I have recently started watching a TV show called «Transparent». Obviously, the name of the show is a portmanteau for the words «trans» and «parent», implying that the main topic of the show is transsexualism and the —needless to say— awful situations a person can go through while living a life that can possibly lead them to happiness.

We are always listening from everybody that you should follow your dreams, to live life at the maximum, to do whatever can bring you happiness and, perhaps the most frequently given advise, to be yourself.

So, why does all hell break loose the moment somebody tries to follow such advises?

Why do we give advise to someone and, when this someone follows it, we suddenly turn our backs to him/her or attack and/or ignore the suffering of others in the same situation? Does this mean that we are hypocrites? No it does not but it does mean, however, that we are incongruent with the way we think and how we actually act.

For example, we cannot tell friends who we know are gay to live their lives at the fullest and be themselves while at the very same time we ridicule, mock, and attack other homosexual people. Kind of telling overweight people they are beautiful while pointing out how disgusted you are by fat people.

Not knowing other people does not give us the right to insult them and treat our friends "differently" assuming their feelings are not going to be hurt. In their eyes, at least in a subconscious level, we are attacking them also. So, why would you purposely make your friends feel bad?

People is, before anything, people; independently of the label (friend, father, mother, son, uncle, stranger in the street) you put on them. We all bleed and feel the same pain when being humiliated.

If you really want to make a difference and change the world, start making little changes with yourself: be congruent with your thoughts, for the world can only change if YOU are the one changing first.

So, the next time you would like to pass some judgmental comment about something, think about the people you know who could be subjects of judgemental, racist, derogatory, and condemnatory comments from people whom doesn't know them and ask yourself how much you would like it when some unknown people starts talking about your loved ones.

Just a thought.

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