September 25, 2016

Crystal - vertical accent in glass and steel, by Edvin Öhrström.

The sculpture Crystal — vertical accent in glass and steel by Edvin Öhrström is the dominant feature of Sergelstorg, the heart of the City. Chances are that you will pass a lot of times by this square while sightseeing around downtown since it's the main commuting hub of the Greater Stockholm Area. During different months (that I currently do not remember, but I'm tempted to say June/July) the square is filled with food trucks/stands where you can buy food from different countries. For example, you can have Australia with kangaroo and alligator steaks or France with a kind of snail in a silly French name like, Kébab à la sauce inspirée par le parfum d'un été aigre-doux and, of course, Unitedstatian hotdogs, burgers, etc. I think it's a bit expensive but hey, I want to see you paying for the trip to Australia in order to try a alligator burger, lol.

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