September 07, 2016

September the 7th

Today is September the 7th, and this date reminds me the homonymic 1990s song by the Spaniard group Mecano.

If you have never heard this classic Spanish-language pop song, here's the video:

The lyrics are open to interpretation. Personally, I understand the song as a kind of anthem, perhaps to the melancholy for a couple that is no longer but, at the same time, keep reliving their happiness every September the 7th: their anniversary date.

But, why am I writing about this? I don't know, it gives me mixed feelings. It reminds me a lot of my life in the Big Apple, my first trips to Montréal and the very first time my heart was truly stolen.

As in the song, «even though that story is over there is something alive in that love» and what is alive are those beautiful memories, crazy adventures, silly fights, sad and happy moments which happened over XV years ago and still make me smile from time to time, maybe wondering what could have been *sighs*

And, in spite of not being September the 7th our anniversary, I always think of you in this date. Thank you again for that happiness that has transcended time and space, memories that make me look back and yearn for what the future has yet to bring to my door.

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