September 12, 2016

Solna commuter train station

Together with the tunnelbana (subway), tvärbana (tramway) and buses, we also have the pendeltåg (commuter train) serving the Greater Stockholm Area.

This particular station is widely used due to its closeness to the Mall of Scandinavia and the Friends Arena, where the Swedish national soccer teams play their local games. Solna is also an upcoming neighborhood/county, which has been revitalized a lot in past few years and thousands of people are consistently moving in within its borders.

The pendeltåg service, although very efficient, sometimes get delays due to accidents —mostly suicide attempts— and electrical failures, due to overloads during summer and winter. It can take you as far as Nynäsham to the South and Uppsala in the North. And remember, the price is included in your SL månadskort (monthly card).

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